We have established ourselves as robust integrators of SAP S/4HANA with Salesforce in several non-trivial scenarios.

Our experience covers integration scenarios via SAP PO, SAP CPI and Mulesoft ESB. As most of accepted challenges are far more complex than simple data retrieval via provided connectors, we had opportunity to deliver, extract, replicate and keep data from variety of areas in sync with the Salesforce front-facing applications.

Due to requirements, we not only had to deliver data, but also enable user facing apps to allow for seamless changes in a variety of business processes. To name a few of the most interesting applications:

Delivery of data for SAP Business Partner lifecycle management – creation, update, assigning of custom and standard roles.

SAP’s HCM user management including customer specific extensions to the available standard

Delivery of Sales and Distribution and Material Management data to the in-field application users supporting mandatory two-way synchronization enabling the user to have always valid data on hand.

To satisfy the customers’ needs, we had to choose from the available options and tailor them to achieve the best effects in conjunction with customers integration landscape.

Therefore, we have experience with reacting to data change via SAP DRF, cyclic background jobs monitoring changepointers, Proxy Objects injected and filled with data in already used custom reports and enhancements on the level of IDOC processing.

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